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A Sampling of Leanne’s Healing Paintings created in Flow State

Find your FREEDOM through Flow!

with Leanne Venier, Artist, Engineer & Flow State Expert

Discover Your Natural Ability to Flow Creatively and Effortlessly!

Access Your Full Potential, be 500% More Productive, Heal your Body and Feel your Absolute Best!

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Personal Healing Colors!

A Sampling of Leanne’s Healing Paintings created in Flow State

Meet Leanne Venier

Leanne Venier is an International Award-winning Artist, Engineer & Expert in the Science of Color & Light Therapy and Flow State.

She has spent over 20 years studying & applying the modern scientific research and ancient holistic healing practices regarding how Color, Light, Art & Flow State can heal and enhance our lives.

Flow State, commonly known as ‘the Zone’ or ‘deep mindfulness’, is an optimal state of consciousness and brain function where you feel and perform your best. You can learn to easily and reliably tap into Flow when you know how to use your Personal Healing Colors.

Leanne is regularly sought to speak on network Television, Global Radio, US & European Health magazines, Podcasts, International Conferences, Major Medical Centers & elsewhere.

She teaches medical Doctors, business people & lay people how to apply the latest scientific research using Color, Light, Art & Flow State to Optimize Health, Brain Function, Creativity, Productivity & overall Happiness in Life.

In her Color & Creative Flow Training Program, Leanne has helped hundreds of people learn to use their Personal Healing Colors to effortlessly tap into Flow State and apply its benefits in all areas of their lives.

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